Why Edit

Correct grammar is an essential component of any good writing and although for people who have been speaking it all their lives, English may seem like a fairly easy language, in reality, it is one of the most difficult to learn, not because of the complicated rules of grammar, but more often because of all the exceptions to all the complicated rules.

If English is not your first language writing it correctly can be extremely difficult.

Editing is essential to good writing, just as important as the writing, and always necessary. One simply must get the words right, which includes giving all the elements of writing their due, from grammar and vocabulary to dialogue and diction

Editors specialise in language, whether that language is used in an annual report, marketing brochure, newsletter, novel, website – or anything in between. In other words, any project that has text in it can benefit from the input of a professional with strong experience. An editor will make sure the reading level is right, the text is structured to flow easily and there is no repetition or redundancy.

Common mistakes – which an experienced copy-editor will be able to deal with efficiently – include:

  1. – the over use of exclamation marks and emphasis, in italic, bold or capitals
  2. – very long sentences with little punctuation
  3. – very long paragraphs
  4. – changing between the first and the third person for no good