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In order for you to have confidence that your document is as professional as possible, it should be proofread and copy edited. The very best writer can make mistakes and not pick them up. Sometimes one needs a fresh pair of eyes to pick up mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentences or paragraphs which are repeated. The meaning of a sentence can be changed completely when punctuation and grammar are incorrect. An example of this is the title of Lynne Trusse’s book ‘Eats Shoots, & Leaves’. The meaning is completely different when the punctuation is changed. We can help with all your editing errors at Sharp Editing Johannesburg. Our Rates are between 18- 26 cents per word.

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Is the subject eating, then shooting, then leaving? Or rather, is the Panda Bear eating bamboo shoots and leaves? The meaning is completely different when the punctuation is changed.

By using a good editor you can avoid mistakes like this, thereby ensuring that your work is clear, concise, means exactly what you want it to mean, and is of the highest standard at Sharp Editing Johannesburg.

We provide the following services:

Editing in Johannesburg
Proofreading in Johannesburg
Business Editing in Johannesburg
Personal Editing in Johannesburg
Academic Editing in Johannesburg
Proofreading of reports in Johannesburg
Theses and manuals editing in Johannesburg
Written language improvement in Johannesburg
Writing web content in Johannesburg etc.

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